Do you need somewhere to store your bike, lawnmower and tools? Or need more workshop/office space? Floyd’s Decking, Sheds & Fences build custom sheds to fit your needs or you can choose from one of our standard sheds.

Using strong pressure- treated timber, our sheds are designed to last much longer than your average shed keeping your belonging safe and secure for years to come.

Options for your shed are vast. Size, number of doors, windows, roof type, cladding type etc. 

Although there are many options, it is still easy. 

  1. Choose which size you require

  2. Pick which style cladding you would like.

  3. Decide whether you need a single door or double door.

  4. Choose how many windows you would like (or none at all).

  5. Decide which style roof you would like.

  6. Let us do the rest

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